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Wilston House


Residential Renovation 


Wilston,   Brisbane


Scott Burrows

Interior Stylist

Highgate House

Scale, Proportion & Rhythm

Our clients often ask what mistakes people commonly make when renovating a Queenslander.  Firstly, check BCC flood map data before building underneath or raising your home.  The house site will inform the design process. 

If your site is high enough to proceed with a two storey renovation, take some time to step back and look at the scale and proportions distinctive to your original Queenslander.  Then look at rhythm, and layering of shadow and light to create depth, interest, and delight in a timeless design for your contemporary family lifestyle.

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Quality Craftsmanship

We work with builders and consultants throughout the design and construction process to ensure a high quality of craftmanship comes through in detailing of the entire project.  

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